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My SEO Journey [PRO Edition] is a series where professionals in the SEO Industry, Digital Marketing, or Web Design share their honest SEO Journey filled with failure, success, and most importantly, proven results. Episode #146 features Ali Hassan from

Ali Hassan from share his SEO journey

Hey beautiful people. My name is Ali Hassan, and I am an SEO expert by profession. Working in the Search Engine Optimization industry is an exciting experience. You get to learn a lot of great stuff now and then. I always try to stay on top of the rapidly changing trends to win the SEO game.

Having said that, I had a tough time creating posts for different blogs. This is because optimizing blogs while keeping in mind the Webmaster’s instructions, Google’s algorithms, and readers’ expectations isn’t a piece of cake. It takes a lot of time and effort. Especially, this gets really hard when you have to guest blog on a specific website and follow every bit of the given instructions.

Thanks to, the online paraphrasing tool powered by artificial intelligence. This tool has helped me a lot in lessening the burden of content optimization. 

Instead of creating content from scratch, I was able to take a well-written blog from the web and paraphrase it using The tool turned it into a whole new blog post that I could freely publish without getting concerned about plagiarism-related consequences. 

The reason why I am fascinated with this online platform is that it deeply analyses the context of every piece and rephrases it using the right word choice and sentence structure. The resulting output goes hand in hand with the original context.

In this article, I am going to share my experience with and unfold how this tool helped me generate fresh and unique content for a successful blogging experience.

What is is a powerful online rephrasing tool that allows you to quickly transform a given piece of text into a fresh piece of content. This is done by using replacement words and changing the sentence structure. The best thing is no changes are made to the context, which is what we need to extract the maximum SEO juice. 

The Rephraser works on the artificial intelligence mechanism to provide its users with the best possible results without sacrificing contextual formation. 

Aside from producing quality results, user-friendliness is one key factor that made me fall in love with this tool. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about using it since I had never used a similar tool before. But guess what? It was just a piece of cake.

After visiting the tool, you just need to add the text on the left box, click the ‘Paraphrase Text’ button, and get your output ready on the right side. That’s how convenient it is to generate efficient results with Rephraser.

How it Assisted me in Optimizing My Old Blog Posts

I had never thought to revamp an old article and use it again to gain better search rankings in Google. In my opinion, why would someone like to read the same thing time and again? But Rephraser proved me wrong by delivering results that I had never expected. 

Let’s check out how this paraphrasing tool helped me in optimizing an old blog post.

Streamlining Content

I was amazed at the word selection and the use of sentence structure when I first read the original blog post. I thought this would work well to bring me back those lost rankings. So, I took the content and paraphrased it using the rephraser online.

I was stunned to see how perfectly it has streamlined the old piece. The tool found some awkward phrases and replaced them with catchy ones. Also, a few sentences were overly long, so it cut them down to the bare minimum – making them easily readable by a common reader. 

Rephrasing Modes

The rephraser online offers different paraphrasing modes, including creative, fluency, formal, blog, academic, and anti-plagiarism. The old blog post was overall a good piece, but it sounded a bit dull. I opted for the ‘Blog’ mode, pasted original content, and it didn’t disappoint me. 

The new piece looked like something written by a professional blogger, with every word placed delicately in the right spot.

After trying the blog mode, I was excited about the rest of the options available. So, I found one of my blogs that wasn’t smooth. I copied the entire text, pasted it in Rephraser, and chose the ‘Fluency’ mode. Again, the results were spectacular. 

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Ensuring Uniqueness

Being an SEO geek, you have to take care of originality. If your blog post is not original (mean not plagiarism-free), you won’t be able to rank it well in Google or the rest of the search engines. Instead, plagiarized content could be penalised, and you might lose your existing rankings, which sounds like a nightmare. 

While using the rephraser online, I was a bit skeptical when it came to originality. I mean how an AI rephrasing tool can provide you with 100% original content within seconds?

After getting the output, I ran it through the industry’s leading plagiarism checkers, and again, I wasn’t disappointed. They show unique and original content which was no less than a great blessing for a person like me. Now, I was able to take my old blog posts, give them a rephrasing shower in, and post them as new blog posts.


The basic version is free to try. However, you have to pay if you need advanced access with unlimited paraphrasing. You can go to the tool’s website and click the yellow ‘Go Pro’ button to learn about their pricing plans.

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Similar Tools I Recommend for Online Paraphrasing

The internet is full of online paraphrasing tools that you can use to revitalize your old content. However, not all of them are worth your time and money. Here are some tools you can use:

Quillbot: AI-powered rephraser with the ability to accurately paraphrase paragraphs, sentences, essays, articles, blog posts, and more. AI-powered online paraphrasing tool with six different rephrasing modes. Another result-oriented solution for those who need to reword old articles with great ease.

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