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  • Startup
    Ideal for startups who are
    serious about SEO success.
    Billed Monthly
    per month, when billed annually
    SEO Strategy for up to 25 keywords
    Update Frequency: Weekly
    Usage: up to 30 hours per month
    Team size: Unlimited seat!
    Unlimited results per task
    Unlimited content assets
    Unlimited competitors
    Unlimited backlink opportunities
    Content Pipeline: unlimited content ideas
    Rank Tracker: Bi-Weekly
    Access to the Link Chest
    2414 easy-to-win backlinks
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  • SME
    Perfect for SMEs determined
    to outsmart their competitors
    Billed Monthly
    per month, when billed annually
    SEO Strategy for up to 50 keywords
    Update Frequency: Daily
    Usage: up to 100 hours per month
    Team size: Unlimited seat!
    Unlimited results per task
    Unlimited content assets
    Unlimited competitors
    Unlimited backlink opportunities
    Content Pipeline: Unlimited content ideas
    Rank Tracker: Daily
    Access to the Link Chest
    2414 easy-to-win backlinks
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All plans come with all the features

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    Detailed backlink analysis
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    Competitor performance monitor
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    Content discovery tool
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    Track keyword performance
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    Competitor keyword tracking
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    Team management feature
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    Content pipeline manager
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    Backlink auditing tool

Happy customers who use SEOBUDDY say this...

“Trying to manage all the myriad SEO tasks, from backlink analysis to content creation to manual outreach is a massive pain in the butt. Not. Any. More. With SEOBUDDY I can manage everything from one screen. I actually look forward to logging in each day. It’s the one SEO tool to rule them all.
Jon Joseph Bourgerie, Modball Rally
SEOBUDDY is an awesome all in one SEO tool. Before it was so difficult to get my team performing well. Now managing my team (and myself) is sooooo much easier. They get drip fed tasks and I can monitor everyone’s progress. If you care about your organic ranking and getting more lucrative traffic to your site, you’re going to love SEOBUDDY.
Konstantin Katsev | CMO @

“Wait, before I start my free trial, I have a few questions...”

We thought you might. Here are the answers to the questions you actually wanted to ask.
Why do pricing tiers have a time limitation?

Think of it this way: The more you go to the gym, the fitter and stronger you become. The same goes with SEOBUDDY. The more time you spend using the tool, the stronger your SEO results can become – so that’s why we use time as a metric.

If you don’t use the tool much, you don’t have to pay as much (there’s even a free plan). If you’re a power user getting a ton of value (evidenced by the larger amount of time you’re spending in SEOBUDDY), then you pay a little more each month. Sounds pretty fair to us.

How do you track the time I spend using SEOBUDDY?

We automatically track the time you spend using the software. A time tracker bar is always visible in the top right corner. When you’re actively using the app, the time tracker bar is green.

When you’re using SEOBUDDY, the timer automatically runs. We only count active and productive time spent in the SEOBUDDY software. SEOBUDDY can detect when you’re moving your mouse, clicking buttons, typing notes, and other interactions. Basically, we know when you’re working in SEOBUDDY, and when you’re not.

If you want to switch tasks or just browse Facebook, you can manually pause the tracker (it will turn red). And if you simply become inactive (hey, there’s no shame in falling asleep at your desk), the software detects this and stops the tracker after 1 minute of no action. So you don’t need to worry about forgetting to pause the clock.

And we only count the time you’re active, not when SEOBUDDY itself is working for you i.e. fetching data. This system activity does not count towards your time allowance.

For more information, check out this blog post about time tracking in SEOBUDDY application.

What’s the difference between SEOBUDDY and other SEO tools, like Ahrefs?

Firstly, we totally respect tools like Ahrefs and MOZ and SEMrush, they’re great products. They provide you with a ton of valuable data. But that’s part of the problem.

If you have your SEO game together, if you have all the systems in place to track keywords, analyse backlink profiles, manage content pipelines, monitor your competitors and collaborate with your team, then all you need is their data.

But that’s not most businesses. If you don’t have all these processes and systems in place, or you’re new to SEO, or you’re struggling and just need some help, all that data is a barrier to progress. It’s overwhelming.

SEOBUDDY automatically generates your SEO to-do list, makes it easy to manage a team, and helps you turn SEO into an effective daily habit. Those other tools are awesome for data and insights. SEOBUDDY is awesome for helping you turn data into tasks and then into real-world results.

N.B. We access Ahrefs awesome data (domain authority, spam score, and competitor backlinks) via their API. But instead of delivering tens or hundreds of thousands of lines of data to you (which is an overwhelming amount of information to review and analyze), we only fetch and present the data at a pace that your team can handle.

What happens if SEOBUDDY dies, what happens to my data?

Well, firstly, we’re a well funded startup, and we’re here for the long-haul. But sure, businesses fail. In that event, all your data will be made available to you in a friendly format. You’ll be able to take your data, planned tasks, and other information and use this outside of SEOBUDDY.

Wouldn’t it be easier to hire an SEO agency, so they handle all this for me?

Possibly. We’re not anti SEO agencies, some of them are great and will help you achieve results. But the good ones are really expensive. If you have the budget, it’s an option. Just consider these three issues:

  1. You might get results to begin with, but even the best agencies plateau at some point (and switching agencies is pretty painful).
  2. There is a risk you’re going to burn your money. While there are some great agencies, there are also some sketchy ones that will promise the world and deliver nothing.
  3. You’re not in control of your SEO efforts. No one knows your business like you. So rather than relying on expensive external support (that is a continuous expense), why not build the knowledge, skills and experience in-house?
Will I need a degree in computer science to learn how to use this?

Nope. It’s super easy to get started. You just need to input some basic data (that you’ll already know) and then SEOBUDDY starts to generate a backlog of tasks for you and your team to complete.

We built SEOBUDDY to help you make daily progress with SEO efforts, to turn that journey of a thousand miles into a series of small steps. We make it incredibly easy to take those first steps.

Will my subscription be renewed automatically?

Yes, your subscription will automatically renew each month (or each year if you choose the discounted annual plan).

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. No partial refunds will be made in the current billing period, but you can continue to use SEOBUDDY until your subscription expires.

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