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SEO isn’t rocket science. But it’s not easy to be successful

It’s hard to stay organised, stay focused and stay consistent, so most businesses struggle and eventually give up. Do any of these sound familiar?
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“I’m already so busy, it’s hard to stay on top of all the SEO stuff, too.”

What if instead of feeling overwhelmed you started each day with a simple set of SEO tasks ready to complete?

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“I don’t have a giant budget, and SEO agencies ain’t cheap.”

What if instead of expensive SEO agencies your team could handle all the work for a fraction of the cost?

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“I struggle to keep track of who’s doing what and when in my team.”

What if you could see what everyone was doing at a glance? And what if it was easy to train, manage and motivate your team?

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“SEO is like exercise. It’s important, but boring and hard to get motivated.”

What if SEO stopped feeling like a boring and repetitive slog, and actually became a fun and effective daily habit?

SEOBUDDY is an all-in-one SEO productivity tool that helps you grow your search traffic, outsmart your competitors, and take control of your entire SEO strategy.

You can now track keyword performance, spy on competitors, manage your content pipeline, conduct outreach, and collaborate with your team – all from one simple but powerful tool.
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Competitor Research
  • Content Manager
  • Outreach Tool

Track backlink and keyword performance

Start with an in-depth analysis of your current keyword and backlink position. And then use our data to expand the map.

  • Get a complete backlink profile of your site.
  • Find new untapped backlink opportunities.
  • Discover the most profitable keywords to target.
  • And track the evolving position of your keywords.
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Spy on competitors to outrank them

Before you can beat your competitors, you need to know what you’re up against. This is the competitive research data you need.

  • Discover what’s driving traffic to your competitor’s site.
  • Gain a complete backlink profile of any site.
  • Discover and track the keywords they’re ranking for.
  • And see what content assets bring them the most success.
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Raise your content marketing game

The key to SEO success? Create awesome content. How do you do that? See what’s already working and then make it better.

  • Discover the most popular content online for any topic.
  • Get lucrative content ideas based on your target keywords.
  • Know exactly what content you need to create.
  • And manage your content pipeline from idea to publication.
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Systemise your link building outreach

Build relationships with publishers and turn sporadic outreach into a systematic link building machine.

  • Automatically reach out to influencers to get backlinks.
  • Use our email scripts to support manual outreach.
  • Manage links by monitoring referring domains.
  • And find broken or bad links to keep your link profile clean.
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That’s a lot of valuable data, right? But data alone won’t help you climb to the top of Google

So SEOBUDDY is not just a data tool. We help you with something much more valuable than data. We help you make progress.

The secret to SEO success is consistent action.

Like learning to play a musical instrument, if you take a few small steps forward every single day, you’ll achieve amazing results. Most people can’t maintain that kind of consistency, so their SEO efforts fail.

And that’s the magic of SEOBUDDY...

SEOBUDDY automatically generates a backlog of SEO tasks (these are SEO related actions that can be completed in 20 minutes or less). It then turns this daunting list of tasks into daily bite-sized missions for your team to complete.

So your daily SEO to-do list is created for you.

While your competitors get overwhelmed with all the data, and disheartened by the magnitude of the mission, your team will be focused on the daily actions that result in SEO success.

Easily monitor and manage your team's activity

(whether they’re in-house or remote)

Collaborate more easily

Work closely with your team and see at a glance exactly who’s doing what and when. Quickly discover which people and actions get the best results.


Work more efficiently

Cut the time wasted inside meetings, email inboxes and spreadsheets. With tasks automatically assigned to the right person, your team can focus on the important work.


Reward top performers

Giving everyone visibility of their progress and performance helps people strive for more. And you can reward the hustlers in your team by incentivizing top performers.


Onboard new team mates

Before it would take ages to get a new team member up-to-speed with the way you work. Now you just add them to SEOBUDDY and they’re ready to go.

  • image descriptionEnjoy a 7-day free trial
  • image descriptionNo credit card required
  • image descriptionFast and friendly support

And listen, you don't need to become an SEO guru

Getting started with SEOBUDDY couldn't be any easier.

Help SEOBUDDY work its magic

Simply input your target keywords, competitor URLs and upload any content assets you have (such as articles, e-books, or web pages).


SEOBUDDY generates your tasks

These include new content ideas, new target keywords, new competitors and new backlink opportunities. It will then automatically assign these to the right people in your team.


Now your team can get to work

Researchers assess link opportunities. Outreach specialists gain backlinks. Writers turn ideas into content assets. And you can manage it all from one dashboard.

”I did SEO the hard way. I built SEOBUDDY so you don’t have to struggle.”

I’m Romain, founder of SEOBUDDY. I’m an entrepreneur with a few successful businesses under my belt (and a few failures, too).

SEO has always been fundamental to my success. But I did SEO the hard way. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve wasted time. And I’ve spent car loads of cash on SEO agencies (at least half a million dollars over the last decade).

I learnt how to win the SEO game. It was just never easy and I kept bumping up against the same issues…

  • Good SEO agencies are expensive, and the results tend to plateau over time.
  • Doing it yourself requires a lot of time and military-grade organizational skills.
  • And SEO isn’t a long-game, it’s a never-ending game, so it’s hard to stay focused.

So I built SEOBUDDY to break down SEO into manageable bite-sized chunks. To make it easy for you to manage your team. And to give you control over your SEO efforts.

I'd like to invite you to a 7-day free trial. But I think you'll see the value on day one!

Romain Brabant
Romain Brabant Founder of SEOBUDDY
Romain Brabant

While others struggle to stay organised, stay focused and stay consistent, your team will achieve SEO success one easy step at a time

Yes, I want to win the SEO game
  • image descriptionEnjoy a 7-day free trial
  • image descriptionNo credit card required
  • image descriptionFast and friendly support

If you have a team of three or more people, and each person spends just 20 minutes a day on SEO tasks – every single working day – you can achieve the most amazing SEO results.