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My SEO Journey [PRO Edition] is a series where professionals in the SEO Industry, Digital Marketing, or Web Design share their honest SEO Journey filled with failure, success, and most importantly, proven results.  Episode #114 features Mary Hunter from Adsy.

Mary Hunter from share her SEO journey

I always love writing. Well, maybe it’s an underestimation. In fact, I never imagine my life without written stories. So long before I found the best platform for bloggers and started making guest posting articles, I knew I was destined to be a writer. Now I think it’s the key to my success: I sincerely love my job.

But let’s return to my journey. Even at school, I wrote fiction stories. I dreamt that someday my book would be published, and I would become a famous writer like my role model, Joanne Rowling. Of course, I never thought of SEO, marketing, and guest posting then, but it was the period of my writing skills formation.

Notwithstanding, I didn’t just write for pleasure. I analyzed my mistakes and tried finding new methods to express my thoughts. My determination and constant training made me the best in my class. The base for my future career was settled.

The First Steps

In 2015, I entered William Paterson University and started to study philosophy. You may think that this subject doesn’t have practical application. It’s far from the truth. My studies taught me to think, process information, and make conclusions. We made tons of written assignments. My groupmates hated countless essays, analyses, and library research papers. But I felt in my element.

Around that time, I thought about making money on my skills. Some of my fellow students had part-time jobs to earn pocket money. I could find something, but I didn’t want to quit writing. And finally, I found a solution: if no one wants to pay for my fiction stories so far, I can write and sell articles.

My first attempts were a disaster. I had no idea where to find clients and how to make posts suitable for popular blogs. One time I even lost time for nothing: the client disappeared without paying for the job. When I stopped making sporadic efforts and thought the situation through. 

I knew I was a good writer and was sure of my skills. But I needed more information. I started to learn how to write articles for effective guest blogging. This strategy brought mind-blowing results. I saw my mistakes and understood that blogging is a serious thing requiring constant training and practice. Moreover, I thought that it could become my future profession.

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I found several platforms connecting authors with business owners needing posts for blogs and dived into this exciting world. Of course, I still had to learn a lot and read tips and recommendations from other writers. After some time, I became a specialist myself. I even publish an article with recommendations on effective guest posting

It was an extraordinary experience. I had valuable information and learned some tricks, and it was wonderful to share with others. In fact, I became a specialist in SEO and last year made a post about linkbuilding for eCommerce.  

Today, writing is my profession, just as I wanted. And it’s much more fascinating to write non-fiction posts with valuable information. I will give some recommendations below, but if you’re going to become a blogger, you need to concentrate on constant learning. Information gets old extremely fast. So you must keep up to date to provide valuable data for your readers.

My Recommendations

At the initial stage of my learning, I analyzed numerous examples of guest blog posts and understood why they were good or bad. Now I can share my experience and help beginners to become bloggers faster and more efficiently.

Platform Makes Difference

Working on your personal brand is helpful, but big companies prefer performers with reputations. Finding jobs on special platforms connecting writers and business owners is easier. Of course, it should be a reliable resource with a vast client base. You can register on several platforms and try them to choose the best variant.

The Value of Information

Many articles on the Internet repeat the same information in different words. If you want to be successful, you must write excellent content. The competition is very high in this field, and you must stand out. Moreover, your readers deserve to learn something new from your post. Respect the audience and find interesting content for the article. Sometimes it seems almost impossible, but I believe that with sufficient determination, you’ll create a unique post.

Make It Suitable for the Blog

Before starting writing, spend some time reading the blog where your post will be published. You must understand the style of the platform in order to fit in. For example, academic research with tables and graphs will look strange in the traveling blog with personal experiences and informal style of articles. A freelance writer should know how to change the writing style and make different posts.

Review the Requirements

In the content preparation stage, you must follow the requirements carefully. They differ dramatically from blog to blog. Your job is to make a perfect match for the site. Each silly mistake can cost you a reputation. Carefully check all the nuances. Try to place links to the initial resource naturally. It’s hard to read articles where links don’t complement the text and are placed only for SEO purposes. Remember that you write for people, not only for search algorithms. If you put your heart into your work, readers feel it, and your articles become popular.

Consider the Entire Strategy

Before writing the first article, you must understand the entire guest blogging strategy. If you don’t want what to look at, read some tips or find a reliable guide. Guest posting is a long-term tool. Don’t expect immediate results. If you understand when the traffic should rise, waiting is easier. Moreover, you can correct some mistakes and save resources. But it’s only possible if you see the whole picture.

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Wrapping Up

My professional development doesn’t remind a hero’s journey. I haven’t experienced dramatic events and miraculous insights. My success is a result of constant learning and training. And, of course, writing is the love of my life. You can become a successful blogger too. It only takes time and determination. Develop your skills, learn current trends in your field, and you’ll be able to write compelling guest blog posts.

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Mary Hunter

Freelance Writer at Adsy

Mary Hunter is a successful American freelance lifestyle blogger with advanced writing skills. She is currently working as a writer for Adsy guest blogging service. Mary had experience in editing, marketing, and her works appeared in different publications and website articles. Her main goal in life is not to set up any goals and keep working every day.

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